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Plugging yourself back in

Do you remember when life seemed so simple and straight-forward? For many people the answer is a resounding ‘no’. Or  can you not even begin to imagine when things seemed to be connected or just fall into place. Maybe for you there  is  a distant memory of a time when life seemed to be a lot simpler and less complicated; a time when there didn’t seem to be so much pressure and stress in every day things. Work was easier and less stressful; the relationship with your partner seemed easy and a joy; your children were easy to understand and family life was happy. 

“What went wrong?” is a question I hear many times? I know there are times in my life when i’ve had to take a step back and take a long, hard look at where I am and more importantly, where I want to be. You will find here a resource where you can ‘plug yourself back in’ and begin to feel ‘human’ again.

Connecting with others

“The Phoenix Rises”- free gift to you

I have overcome in my life some particularly upsetting, difficult and challenging times. My parents both disowned me when I was a young mother, escaping from an abusive marriage and for over 20 years have not spoken to me or any of my seven children. In this free ebook I share my story of how I left my marriage and as a result of doing so, I also left behind my old life. My parents then choose to disown me and refused to speak to me or engage with me and to totally reject me and their grandchildren. I share how I overcame this rejection and went on to build a new life and to discover an inner strength and develop my own self belief.

Phoenix Rises